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                                         Can You Escape? LI on Long Island  Real life mystery room on Long Island Real life escape room on Long Island

Can You Escape?


You and your team get locked in a fully themed room. The clock starts as soon as you enter. You have 60 heart pounding minutes to solve the puzzles, find the clues, and get out. You need to think outside of the box and think fast. CAN YOU ESCAPE? Many will try, few will succeed.

Date/Friends Night

Do something other than dinner and a movie. This will be the coolest date night. Have a great time with friends working together towards a common goal infused with fun, laughter and excitement.

Team Building

This is the ultimate family bonding experience. Everyone has to leave their cell phones and video games behind. Get the whole family working together as they immerse themselves in this experience.

Family Bonding

By appointment only.

Long Island Real Life Escape Room. Mystery Room. Puzzle Room NYC New York

Date Night


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Can You Escape is the perfect way to let your hair down and get to know your co-workers in a different way. It's a fun and exciting hands on team experience in which you must work together.